Five Things

design with purpose: At designojo we work with many different clients who have many different objectives. Common among them all is a need to tell their stories—to transform ideas and strategies into distinctive visual and verbal expressions, to connect them with their customers and to differentiate them from their competition.

how we see things: We believe the truest measure of a great design studio isn’t a cool lobby, over-the-top holiday gifts for clients, or platoons of account executives. Rather, we think great design comes from curious designers who understand how strategy informs design and that each and every assignment has a business objective at its heart.

a richer value proposition:

Art and commerce improves business performance. We find these dualities as complementary points of view. While business uses resources to provide people with products and services to be better, faster, and cheaper, people also want their products and services to bring meaning, beauty, enjoyment, and excitement to their lives.

art and commerce: Emotions and imagination are as real as labor and capital, creating and connecting are as real as manufacture and sales, and beauty and meaning are as real as fast and cheap. Each draws on the same artistic inputs in a process of creating, producing, and connecting then transforming raw materials and ideas into finished work.

all of us: Business executives, designers, and customers—benefit from seeing the world with both an aesthetic sensibility and a strategic bent. Integrating art and commerce, satisfying customers’ desires, bringing together the economic and the artistic flows of business—that’s what we mean by an eye for the art in business.

At designojo we embrace a spirit of collectivism in our work. Our norm is to bring in outside perspectives from the arts and business, to inspire people to think creatively, and to see new ways to look at the blank canvas of a business problem. This philosophy has led to decades of smart, sophisticated, and purpose-driven design in graphics, packaging, and identities.


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