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Scott's Liquid Gold:

Scott's Liquid Gold, the 60 year old, family-owned company that sells furniture polish and floor cleaners has been facing increasing competition for many years from a few well marketed global brands; Pledge, Old English, Method Home.

We wondered if a package redesign that leverages the current "retro" graphics while shedding brand graphics which do little to attract new consumers might create greater relevance at the point of sale.


We're passionate about design. We are especially passionate about the strategic aspects unique to the redesign for an established brand. Established brands have loyal consumers, familiar brand assets and generally brand perceptions that will be linked to any new design. Every redesign assignment must seek the balance between maintaining a familiar thread with the existing consumer while finding a new relevance to attract the potential new customers. The self-initiated  work below is part of our ongoing interest in the evolution of consumer brands and branding.