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At designojo we help build consumer brands through strategic thinking and creative insight. Our clients include design studios, in-house creative teams, established brands and start-ups alike.

Local, but Always Thinking Global.

We don’t follow the typical agency model of brick-and-mortar offices scattered around the globe. But we do believe that viewing our work through a global lens is essential. Our staff works on four continents and speaks 10 languages. Our designers typically have more than a decade of experience, including the hard-won wisdom that comes from working at the big agencies.

P&G Kandoo Brand Development

Endless Curiosity:

Simple, clear and fluff-free. We do our homework before every assignment. We'll review market research if you've got it. We'll conduct consumer sessions if you'd like us too. And we'll immerse ourselves in your business. At the end of the day it is about how one interprets the information visually, not simply to justify the research but to see the opportunities that lie beyond what the research makes obvious.

Seeking Simplicity: We work with many different clients who have many different objectives. Common among them all is a need to tell their stories—to transform ideas and strategies into distinctive visual and verbal expressions, to connect them with their customers and to differentiate them from their competition.

Process is the journey, not the destination. Our process facilitates great work, open dialogue, and clear expectations. Nothing less. And nothing more. We believe in a process that clarifies information, uncovers opportunities, and solidifies your brand positioning. Period.


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